Why Adults drop out of Martial art classes | Pinnacle Martial arts in Marrickville Inner West Sydney

One of the most surprising facts that we have come across our school, Pinnacle Martial arts Marrickville is that most of the adults quit martial art training within first 3 months.

This is the case in many martial art classes including our Pinnacle Martial arts in Marrickville, and the simple reason being the “there is no real-life self-defence training in their early training sessions”


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But all they enrolled was to a martial art class after all. How can one not get real-life self-defence training in their classes?

On further research, It has been shown that there are other reasons that are contributing to this. We at Pinnacle Martial arts Marrickville have come to know a few reasons that are affecting adult martial artists.

If you are an adult reading this, then you got to know the reasons why you might quit the class, so be prepared to combat these things.

1.The perception

Yes, many adults think they know it all. This leads to a perception that they know what they are learning and getting taught. They judge their teachers and feel that what they teach on initial days are all very silly. But, what they fail to understand is that their teacher is, in fact, making them stronger for the learning and they are approaching a logical tried and tested method. Pinnacle Martial arts in Marrickville have witnessed, many cases of the sort.

2.The real-world problem

Many adult students think that these centuries-old techniques of fighting are not appropriate for today’s real world. They see this as something that will not work in today’s world of guns and knives! Pinnacle Martial arts Marrickville, would like to say not all the time and not everyone will carry a gun or knife.

3. They judge the teacher

Most of the adult people judge the teachers who are teaching them defence techniques. They judge the teacher based on other words or his real life. They ignore the very fact that he has mastered the art. Pinnacle Martial arts in Marrickville, suggests, you trust the teacher and go with the flow of his teachings

4. They become lazy

As you grow to be an adult many people are left on their own to do what they want, which is not possible when you are a kid. As a kid, your parents guide you. When you are an adult, you sometimes stop doing best of the things just like that. It will not even have any reason. The only reason you can vouch is “being lazy”

5. They lack Interest

Being lazy is something and losing interest is a whole new matter. The person might find learning martial art is not his cup of tea or he might find no inclination to martial arts, he might have been forced to join the class, These type of things will lead them to discontinue when they find what they are doing is not as per their will.

If you are an adult who quit the art form due to any of the above reasons then, its time for you to give it a try again. We at Pinnacle Martial arts Marrickville have realised time and again that certain small reasons will make few people stop a good journey of life.

We at Pinnacle Martial arts in Marrickville support each of you to explore your art form and be an achiever in it.

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