Olympic Style Taekwondo

Olympic Style Taekwondo

Our Sports Taekwondo program is for any practitioner above 7 years of age and minimum yellow belt, it is a safe competitive program where practitioners wear full protective equipement and follow very strict rules.

Pinnacle has won medals at the state, national and international tournaments against some of the biggest and most powerful nations and international coaches to really put pinnacle on the radar internationally.

Pinnacle has the experience and proven track record the infrastructure to help the athlete achieve gold medals at the highest level and reach and exceed the athlete’s expectations and pinnacle.

Pinnacle has a high performance program that is proven to work and cater with athletes at all levels nationally and internationally improving them and preparing them to compete and medal at all levels.

The Pinnacle team is known for life changing achievements, Pinnacle has a proven record in transforming average kids into champions and role models.