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Martial Arts styles are a type of combat sports technique that people are engaged in to be fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. But, despite being a combat sport, martial arts in Marrickville training features one of the lowest risks of injuries to the practitioners.

It is not true to say that martial arts training doesn’t result in injuries as a moment’s lack of concentration is all that is enough for a mishap to happen. In martial arts, mostly during competitions, injuries are caused when the opponent is not careful or has not had training in martial arts the best way.


There are plenty of martial arts styles practised and revered in this world. Though countries like China, Japan and Korea are attributed to be the nations that gave birth to the purest forms of martial arts, countries like Russia, Thailand & Brazil and so on have their unqiue martial arts styles. At the martial arts Marrickville training centre, we follow a comprehensive and dynamic martial arts form that incorporates the best of traditional forms like Taekwondo, Korean Karate, Kung Fu, Self-discipline and so on.

Training at Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, the adults and kids martial arts in Marrickville training centre, we make sure that training in the traditional forms is designed to cater to the specific needs of today’s generation. With us, you could be the best in all respects and moreover achieve your pinnacle.

The common injuries befalling a martial artist during training or competing would include skin damage like cuts and bruises, injury to ligaments, injury to muscle or tendon, knee injuries, dislocations and fractures, especially of the hand, finger, foot and toe, and injuries caused to any part of the body by sheer repetition of movement.

So, being an ardent martial arts practitioner, how to stay safe from these injuries while training? Let us take a look at the steps that can be adopted:

  • Identify the best adults and kids martial arts Marrickville training academy. You can sit in classes of academies that let you sit in and it will help you get a good idea of the demands of each discipline.
  • Those who are new to martial arts should enrol to a reputed institution to learn the appropriate skills and technique.
  • Each martial arts styles has its own set of rules. Obey them all.
  • If you feel that your technique needs improvement, seek advice from your martial arts instructor. The best martial arts training academy would have world-class instructors.
  • While sparring, wear appropriate protective equipment like helmets and mouthguards.
  • Train till you have good hand-to-eye coordination. This way you can use your peripheral vision and be less likely to get hit.

Training in martial arts the best way can help you be safe and train with ease. For the best training, enrol with Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy. With world-class and established centres in Marrickville and Chester Hill, we provide training all around Sydney.

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