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One of the most common sights in a martial arts training academy will be sparring. Sparring is an essential martial arts training technique and it would help you to test the skills and techniques you mastered on another person.

Even though we all know that sparring is highly beneficial and essential in martial arts training, there are only a few who take it so seriously. Most people do not even bother to spar and even if they do, they do it too poorly. But how does ‘not sparring’ be a disadvantage for the students? Let us check what they are:

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When you are not sparring, you won’t be able to use any of the techniques that you were training and perfect it. You also won’t be able to stay calm while trying to use the techniques in competition or real life situation. In order to be able to apply the techniques you have been training, it is best to do more sparring. This helps you get accustomed in dealing with a resisting opponent.

Sparring needn’t be difficult at all. You can start off with a single attack and a single defense technique. When you feel that you have mastered the first technique, you can add additional techniques and defences. When you are more comfortable, you can increase the intensity of the training. You can train faster and harder and as you master the higher level of intensity, you can stay mentally calm and relaxed.

Though sparring is often considered as a “mutual combat”, where you and your partner would usually agree to a level and intensity and train accordingly. You would also make sure that your partner doesn’t get hurt or injured, and vice versa. But, it also teaches you how to defend successfully when you are being attacked.

Martial arts Marrickville and self defence techniques are not intended to hurt your opponent. It was devised with the intention of helping you stay safe and away from any conflict that may arise. Sparring helps you to fend off the attacks of your assailants successfully, without you needing to spend much of your energy. This can cause your assailants to leave you along for good.

Sparring for martial arts and self defence is one of the techniques that teaches you the basics of defending. The best defence, along with effective attack, when necessary, can help you stay safe and confident at all times.

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