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Are you able to sleep properly or do you wake up in between sleep, startled and tensed the day before a Korean Karate/ Taekwondo competition? Do you spend extra training sessions at Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville centre before the event? Well, if it is so, just remember that you are not alone.


Anxiety and stress affect all the people, but it would be much more powerful and stronger before an event that could decide the course of your life. Being nervous is okay, but your approach towards it isn’t okay at all. If you let those nerves to decide your performance, then you are possibly in for a loss. So, here are some tips from Pinnacle kids martial arts in Marrickville and teens & adult martial arts training centre that can help you overcome anxiety and perform well:

  • Reinforce Mind with Positivity – Anxiety can happen to anyone and anytime. You also not try to dismiss or ignore it. You should be able to realize that it is normal to feel this way and accept it. Well, if you are in for a grading or competitive event at representing Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville & Chester Hill Sydney, it is because you deserve to be there. No one would call an underperformer and ask him or her to take part in the competition. You should have faith in the judgement of the person who put you in that place. Your instructor or coach is someone who watches you closely and knows about your skills and performance. If he asks you to do something, then it is because you are able to. So, whenever you are selected for a tournament or grading, just assure yourself that you belong there.
  • No Negative Talk but Humour – The worst part of anxiety is that you would start engaging in negative talk all the time. But the interesting thing is that a majority of your negative talk would be silly. If you don’t feel so, just tell them out loud in a silly manner. The disadvantage is that more silly talk would imprint the idea in your mind and you would develop the habit. If you try to talk your negative thoughts aloud in a silly voice, you can reframe your negative thoughts with humour. This psychological move can distance yourselves from anxiety and help you perform better.
  • You make the Decision – It is you who should decide whether you are anxious or excited. You may feel nervous even if your instructor has selected you for grading or competition. Taekwondo / Korean Karate, being a self-defence martial art, is something that should be performed under huge stress, when the time comes, as in real life situations. When in stress, find a moment of fun and joy, which will help you feel relaxed and calm. It is also hard to be anxious when you are excited.

These are some of the ways by which you can overcome anxiety in Taekwondo / Korean Karate. Apart from this, you can also focus just on the present to realize that you belong at that moment and perform well. With the right Martial Arts, Taekwondo & Korean Karate practice and techniques, you can overcome anxiety and perform to your best.

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