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We always think that Karate is for the nimble-footed and physically strong. Well, the various techniques and movements of this style call for the best body shape. But, in fact, karate can also be practiced by those who are suffering from some sorts of physical discomfort, say joint pain.

Joint pain, in medical terms, known as “osteoporosis” can be defined simply as a chronic joint inflammation. Osteoporosis can be a cause of lack of physical activity or too much physical activity. It can also be caused when the person is one who actively takes part in contact sports. This is the reason why people even from 20-30 years of age develop this condition while the condition usually affects those older than 50 years of age.

Before going into the heart of the matter, let us take a quick look into what osteoporosis is. This is a condition caused usually due to ageing, even though ageing now isn’t a big factor. It is caused by the heavy impact and other forces on your joints. In this condition, the joint cartilage breaks down faster than it recovers. The damage adds up over time.

So, is there any chance that you can regain your karate body even if you are suffering from osteoarthritis? Yes, there is and it is all down to following an action plan that includes stabilizing your joint structure, reducing wear and tear in the joint and practicing karate intelligently. Let us break this up into some points and check in detail:

  • Strengthen Joint Supporting Muscles – When the muscles around the joint are weak, we would rely on the joints to bear the whole load. Additional weight and stress on the joints would cause it to break down and cause discomfort. The best practice is to stabilize the muscles supporting the joint and rely on them to balance the weight. There are many exercises that you can do and your instructor could help you with it.
  • Mobility Exercises – One of the major symptoms of osteoporosis would be lack of range of motion. It would be much hard to take even a step for those with this condition. Your Karate instructor can teach you exercises that help you regain your mobility. Having an active flexibility can actually help your karate.
  • Stay Fit and Active – Preventing osteoporosis can go as far as staying fit and active. A lifestyle blessed with physical activity can prevent you from becoming overweight. Being overweight would surely speed up your cartilage wear and tear. If you have osteoporosis already, then try low impact exercises to cut down on the weight and then introduce karate.

These are some of the ways that those with osteoporosis can practice Korean karate. For practicing the best karate moves and techniques, enroll with the Pinnacle martial arts academy near you in Sydney.

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