How to Choose a Strength Training Program for Martial Arts in Chester Hill South West Sydney

One of the much debated topics in martial arts would be about strength training. Some say that weight lifting is bad for martial artists while some say that it is highly beneficial. Some say that it would make you slow and bulky, while others would tell you that it improves your technique.

Proper strength training will allow you to move with more swiftness and decrease the risk of injury. So, why is strength training necessary for training in martial arts training and long term health? Let us take a look:

The real purpose of strength training in martial arts should be to improve the overall strength. This type of training that focuses on improving strength and muscle would help in strengthening both the joints and bones. This helps in improving the total output you can deliver, counteract the imbalances of your body and keep you safe from injuries.

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The strength training for martial artists should be focused on general movements such as Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Hinging, Rotating, and Stabilizing. These movement patterns recruit most of the muscles in the body and also serves as the foundation for most movement patterns. To perform martial arts perfectly, you would need your whole body to move in unison.

While implementing a strength training routine in their everyday life, martial artists should take into consideration a few things, which are:

  • Time – Before committing to any type of training program or activity, you must be sure about the amount of time that you have available. This can give you an idea about how much time you would be able to commit and how to reap the maximum benefits within this time. If you have an idea about the time available, you can be able to implement a proper strength training program. But also remember that this training should only be seen as an addition to an active martial arts training schedule.
  • Goal – As the martial artist goes up each level, his goals also change. It will also happen in the career of a martial artist. Each week you are training should be determined by a goal you have. More focus should be provided on the technique and improving it. The best practice is to understand that a healthy mix of technique and strength training, combined with rest and recovery, can help attain longevity.
  • Method – When it comes to developing strength, you can make use of a lot of methods. You can make use of push up as it is a much easier, but effective, exercise. But also never forget that the more technical it gets, the more would be the risk of injuries.

These are some tips that help you choose strength training program. For an effective martial arts training, it is recommended that you enroll at the academy that provides a comprehensive and dynamic training. It helps you achieve your pinnacle.

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