How martial arts helps your kid learn self-dependence | Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville Inner West Sydney

Apart from many advantages of martial arts, One of the important lessons the kids learn is self-dependence. To grow as a student each kid must put their own efforts, time and dedication are what we have observed in our Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville.

We as instructors at Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville, want all our students to reach their goals and use martial arts to improve and develop each and every aspect of their life.


IT is our goal Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville that every student is healthy, confident, and becomes a better version of themselves through the training they receive at our Do-Jang.

However (as with anything with value) there must be a price to pay. As a saying goes, “ there is no free lunch – if you want something, YOU must work to get it “.

Here are a few ways in which martial arts helps your kid to develop self- dependence.

  1. A goal that is well designed: In any martial arts there is a system where each player/student needs to follow. Belt system in martial arts allows each artist to progress further. In order to move on to the next level, the onus is on the kid to work towards it. When the responsibility is left on the individual with proper coaching they will fit in and try to do their best each day and time. Martial arts always teach to improve, improvise and give no excuses are what we believe in Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville
  2. Showing Perseverance: Life changes – in all kinds of challenges, everybody has both highs and lows (physically/rationally/socially) that can make preparing either simple or troublesome. By hoisting the degree of desire in our understudies and urging them to work through snags is what we at Pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville believe in. This non-stopping soul is basic to understudies to get past the halfway point in consummating their procedures. This also helps consistently in life by setting up a benchmark of achievement in handling hindrances.
  3. Empowering Consistency: As Grandmaster Hee Il Cho frequently says “even a little drop of water will enter solid rock after some time”. There is no handy solution for learning Taekwondo. There have been many understudies that have strolled on the mats with less physical capacity than a portion of their individual cohorts. Furthermore, a considerable lot of those equivalent understudies, who were basically reliable in their preparation, in the long run, left behind their progressively “talented” cohorts by normally outworking them. Steady diligent work beats languid ability on almost every event. Our preparation ought to be seen as a long-distance race, not a dash is what we believe in Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville.
  4. Requiring Personal Pride: Often times there are people who befuddle Traditional Martial Arts necessities as narrow-minded – that ought not to be the situation. At our Do-Jang, we expect understudies to have clean robes and gears. The thinking is for 2 reasons. To begin with, it’s a matter of cleanliness and sanitation. Furthermore (and similarly as significant), it expects understudies to invest wholeheartedly in their appearance. This not just shows regard and respect for their Do-Jang, Instructors, individual cohorts, yet in addition – regard and respect for themselves. As someone said, “when you look great, you feel better – when you feel better, you play great!”. We at Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville imbibe these things to our kids

With these things in place, our students are more responsible and self-dependent. We at Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville believe that these things once learnt are hard to let go and will for sure have an influence on the kid’s life.