Emotional Control through Martial Arts | Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville Inner West & Chester Hill South West Sydney

If you are asked a question like “why have you enrolled in a martial arts in Marrickville class?”, what would be your answer? Some would say “to get fit and be in shape” while some may say “to defend ourselves”. The goals may vary but what all you commonly get is emotional control.


There would be plenty of instances in our life when our judgment has been clouded by our emotions. Fear, anger and all other emotions take the better of us and we would start acting based on these emotions. To think rationally and properly, the major requirement is emotional control and training in martial arts with martial arts Marrickville is the best way to achieve this control.

What is Emotional Control?

Emotional Control is not something that has a very big and great definition, but it is something that defines the way we live. Emotional control simply means that control over the way you perceive matters happening around you. What we perceive is converted to thoughts by our brain, translated into feelings and finally an emotion is produced.

How we act and speak is all influenced by the experiences that shape and mould us. It is said that starting from the age of 3, our brain starts storing experiences and the emotions that are a result of these experiences. The emotions can be either healthy or unhealthy. Healthy emotions provide a sense of security while unhealthy emotions would be laced with fear, lack of self-confidence and so on.

Having better control over your emotions is the best way to act with confidence and rationally. To ensure that even kids are able to control their emotions, kids martial arts in Marrickville training centres provide the best training. The best martial arts training academies would be teaching about peace and control so that they could act properly in all sorts of situations.

At Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, our training methods and methodologies are based on principles of Emotional Control so that everyone who trains with us can give vent to the harmful emotions they accumulate in their daily life. They also learn how to control their emotions so they can truly approach a problem or situation with the mindset of finding a peaceful solution.

A peaceful solution can be reached through the utilization of self-defence techniques and trying to calmly talk and come to a solution before it becomes violent. This is something that one needs to master in his life all people are programmed by his experiences to “fight and flight” response when in a dangerous or stressful situation.

At kids martial arts Marrickville, we teach Emotional Control by placing you in situations where a threat is present or a situation where you will get angry. By doing so, we will help you replace those fears and doubts with confidence and calmness. This allows you to approach the threat through peace and control. This is a quality that can prevent a violent situation or one that turns to anger and force. Enrol with Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy now!