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Breathing is one of the most important lessons you learn in your martial art classes. In Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville, we know how important the breathing techniques are for our warriors.

Knowing techniques in one thing and using them is a skill altogether. In our Martial Arts Marrickville school, we teach our students all the techniques to be the best fighter.

In this article, we will share our expert knowledge on breathing techniques for those who are looking for it and those who have missed them in classes.


Abdominal breathing is one of the vital things in martial arts. By breathing effectively it not just helps in increasing your inner vitality and energy, it also loosens up the body with the goal that most extreme speed and power can be conveyed in every strike you give.

Each and every breath that you take ought to be aligned with an exhale the nose. When you set up a procedure, you inhale into your abdomen driving it to rise. Your chest and shoulders stay steady without movement.

When you exhale, you quickly release all the air by contracting the muscles of the abdomen. This helps your body to loosen up so you can create the most extreme speed consequently greatest power into the procedure.

While in training and when planning for a move, take a deep a breath into your stomach area and as you execute the technique at the same time inhale out. By halting your breath you can make your technique come over in a more forceful way. It actually gives the greatest command over your body.

This is good if you are doing a single technique. But what about techniques which require continuous movements?

When you are doing continuous techniques, you need to take one deep breath and release air as and when you proceed with moves. The faster you move, the faster you breathe.

If in any time you feel that you are out of breath, catch your much-needed air with increasing the pace, and then while getting ready for the next move make a cautious effort to take the breath effort slowly and steadily.

Posture counts a lot for a breathing technique. Slouching will make your breathing tough. Always keep your spine straight. Stand straight and focus on breathing easily making air flow freely while you execute techniques.

Breathing associates every single body function. If you stop breathing over five minutes you will bite the dust. Breathing is life. Through breathing accurately into your lower stomach area (Ha-Danjeon) you can control your mind, body, and perspective. The more you take a good deep breath, the calmer and controlled you become.

In martial arts, a fighter is ideally supposed to hold his breath up to 3-4 minutes and this is for an expert. All it needs is practice and patience.

In our Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts Marrickville school, we help our little champions learn top Taekwondo Martial Arts techniques as and when they proceed with the class. Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts In Marrickville will help each student to be the best fighter that is well equipped with tips and effective Martial Arts techniques.

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