Advantages of Enrolling your Child in a Martial Arts Class | Learn with Pinnacle Kids & Teens Martial Arts in Guildford South West Sydney

None of us, as a parent, would wish for our kids to become moodier, weak and dumb. What we expect our kids to become is smarter, energetic, stronger, healthier, happier and many more. But then, we have to ask ourselves a question: are we providing them with the best chance to be so?

Physical and mental health are the factors that lead to kids with better characteristics. If they are physically and mentally fit, they will be happy always, be energetic, stronger, focused and have all the qualities that we want them to have. One way to achieve mental and physical fitness is through practicing martial arts.

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So now let us check what the advantages of enrolling your kids in a martial arts class are:

  • Better sleep – Studies relating to martial arts and sleep has come out with the result that each hour the kids stay inactive adds to around 3 minutes to the time that it takes for them to sleep. It is therefore evident that children who exercise less take more time during the night to sleep. This could increase risk of inferior school performance.
  • Positive peer pressure – In a martial arts programme you can find students from all backgrounds. They are all encouraged to practice, by the instructors and fellow students. They would feel comfortable to practice in an inclusive and open environment. Also, if students have fun with their peers, they are more likely to practice.
  • Better focus and memory – Many studies have found out that martial arts and exercises can increase academic achievements. Through practicing martial arts regularly, they can have better memory, focus and concentration. This doesn’t depend on the gender, health status or anything else.
  • Self Defense – Through martial arts training, kids can learn how to deal with conflicts and defend themselves against bullying or other practices. This may not always be physical confrontation, but other techniques that help them to stay away from those situations or those that improve self protection.
  • Improved mental health – Well, this one of the greatest benefits of martial arts. Practicing martial arts can increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain and trigger the rise in levels of chemicals in the brain that signal positive emotions. It also helps in creating new nerve cells that supports better brain growth.

These are some of the benefits that you child is going to receive, once they are enrolled into a martial arts class and start practicing martial arts. If they need to reap better benefits, it is better that they get enrolled to the best martial arts training academy providing training in Martial Arts in Guildford region. With the best instructors and by following the best techniques, they can help in the better development of your child.

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We have adopted these disciplines to complement each other thus creating the fast, powerful, exciting and dynamic Pinnacle style. Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy designed popular programs to suit the specific ages and levels of our members.

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