14 ways you can ease your kid and make them stress-free! | Pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville

Stress is one of the main reasons through which many problems arise. Adults are known to have stress for various facts and it has become a common thing nowadays.

But many research shows, kids go through their own levels of stress and anxiety bouts. As parents, everyone want their kids to be happy and healthy without any real problems in the world. But, the era of stress has already taken over with many small kids complaining too much of depression, stress and health issues say our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville.


Kids are like little plants how you make them grow, they grow that way. A little bit of care and affection go a long way. You can reduce the stress and anxiety causing issues from the outer world, with these little tips from our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville.

According to our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville, kids can go through anxiety and stress for many reasons, like social phobia, OCD, traumatic stress, Separation anxiety and also for some fine reasons like, they are not getting any creative playtime after school!

Experts at Pinnacle Kids Martial arts Marrickville believe mental health of a kid is to be treasured and to be taken care of. In order to ease children who are going through stress, they have come up with these simple 14 points. These points can be followed by any and every parent. The 14 key tips to your kid’s health are listed below.

  1. Speak: Speak to your kids. Know what they are going through and what they are dealing with. Speak about their stress and anxiety.
  2. Recognize: Recognize when your kid is getting stressed. Let your kid know how to recognize stress and anxiety.
  3. Solutions: Learn what is the best solution for your kid’s stress. Discuss with your kid and arrive at the best solution.
  4. Relaxation: Allow your kid to relax well. Let them know the importance of relaxation and help them to relax mentally.
  5. Sleep: Always make sure your kid is getting a good amount of sleep.
  6. Role Model: Be your kid’s role model is what our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville advice. Have your patience build. Be positive around your kid.
  7. Challenge: Make your kid challenge the difficulties they are facing. Make them challenge their negative thoughts.
  8. Physical activity: Every kid needs physical activity whether it is in the form of play or in the form of martial arts allow them to indulge in activities they love.
  9. Problem-solving ability: Always teach your kids to learn problem-solving abilities. Contribute to their skills.
  10. Positive environment: Create a peaceful positive environment at home for your kid. Avoid any and every fight in front of your kid.
  11. Listen: Always have time to listen to your kid. Kids will always express when they are speaking. Know what exactly is going on in your kid’s life.
  12. Help them: When your kid is going through anxiety, instead of being a strict parent, ease them and comfort them. Help them to get through is what our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville say.
  13. Use imagery: Kids learn better when you teach them with visual mediums. Use images or videos to explain to them about their anxiety and stress. Explain how a happy and peaceful mind state is good.
  14. Seek professional help: Even after all the above said points, if your kid is stressed and unhappy, its time to see a professional for help.

With these simple tips for our experts at pinnacle kids martial arts Marrickville, you can definitely reduce your kid’s stress and anxiety levels.