10 warm-up workouts to excel in martial arts | Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville Inner West Sydney & Chester Hill Sydney

Martial arts is by itself is a physical workout. But, to perform it well, without causing any injuries, you need to warm up your body. We at Pinnacle kids martial arts in Marrickville always stress on warming up. Without which one can end up with injuries.

Warming up will help your muscles to be flexible and will be ready to take more work that is put on them during actual physical activity. It makes your muscle flexed up for movements is what our experts at Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville say.


At Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville, we can’t stress enough on warm-up and hence we thought of writing on them this time.

Here are the 10 exercises that need to be followed each for 50 seconds to warm up your body from our experts at Pinnacle kids martial arts in Marrickville. These workouts will keep you panting for your breath and make your muscles all warmed up for the real work is what experts at Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville opine.

  1. Jumping Jacks: Mother of all workouts, Jumping jacks will make you go panting in minutes. Do as many as you can in 50 seconds
  2. Jumping Squat: Take a small jump and while landing squat. Squat actually works most of our body’s complex muscle systems. You can repeat the same till 50 seconds
  3. On spot skips: Without any assistance of rope skip in your place for 50 seconds, see how your heart rate go up in seconds
  4. Push-ups: Whether you do half push up or ladies push up or full-fledged pushups, it doesn’t matter as all work out the same group of muscles. Repeat it as man times you can in 50 seconds is what experts at Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville say.
  5. Air kicks: You can kick air by lifting your legs as high as possible. Repeat for both the legs as much as possible in 50 seconds
  6. Hand Jabs: Now that you have kicked air, hit that air with hands yeah you can do it
  7. Lunges: Do alternate leg lunges for 50 seconds feel your body burn
  8. Burpees: Begin in a standing position. Move into a squat position with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended. Immediately return your feet into a squat position. Stand up from the squat position. Just like squats burpees also help more than 1 muscle group says our experts at Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville.
  9. Rotate your hands: Stretch out your hands to the sides of your body and rotate your hands up until shoulders clockwise and anticlockwise for 50 seconds. This will relax your upper body muscles say our experts at Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville
  10. Stretch: Take a deep breath and relax your body for 30 seconds.

Aren’t you feeling the burn already? We at Pinnacle Kids martial arts in Marrickville follow these things regularly. For any physical activity when you start doing the work without warm up your muscle will catch and lead you to have pain. Warming up helps our body to pump more blood to muscles and prepping them to easily expand and relax during work. As said earlier, at Pinnacle Kids martial arts Marrickville we can’t stop speaking on warm-ups that’s how important it is.

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