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No matter how experienced one is in his/her field of expertise, It is nothing but natural for anxiety to creep in. But, for a few the anxiety that sets in is of different level. This type of anxiety multiplies when they are about to prove their skills or when they are put to competition says experienced teachers at our Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville. This type of anxiety is called “compititive anxiety”.

It is not only in sports these type of anxieties are witnessed. People can go through this type of anxiety in any stage of life, in any place. But, often people neglect this type of behaviour calling it a fearfulness.


Indeed you are wrong in judging! It is not only the fear that is making you feel anxious. There are many factors that can make you feel anxious to say our experts at Pinnacle Taekwondo martial arts in Marrickville.

Just the way there are more reasons to get anxious there are many ways you can beat them and feel confident.

Our experts at Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville lists out a few ways you can come over the anxiousness. Here is the list of things you can do to get over the compititive anxiety that is hampering your scalability.

Think positive and believe in yourself. Not everyone can be ultra-positive by birth. It all matters on how they treat themselves and the environment they come from. If you are not a person who is positive by nature, then it is time for you to indulge in some positivity reading and attracting positive vibes to your life. Slowly steadily observe what is causing negative thoughts and vibes in your life, find a way to negate it or just learn to ignore it advises our Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville.

A relaxation technique is a must for everyone. A person who is calm is the one who is relaxed and composed inside. Relaxing does not mean sitting on a couch and spending time watching a movie. Relaxation in this context is having a clear and calm mind. A calm mind allows you to think clearly and helps you focus on the job in your hand. If you are relaxed, and thousand things running in your mind, then it is impossible to give your best say our experts at Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville.

Watch your thoughts. Have you ever observed your thoughts? Have you observed what you speak to yourself? One trick that achievers do is they feed themselves with positive thoughts every often. The positive thoughts they say to themselves will comfort them and make them believe in what they are doing without any hesitation. This, in turn, makes them correct themselves where they actually fail and perform better next time is what our experts at Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville believe.

Distract yourself. You trained well, you are positive but still, you are anxious when it is your turn to perform. If this is your case, then you need to learn how to distract yourself. Yes, distraction is good when you are anxious. Listen to good music, read, or speak to someone who can calm you down. Sometimes spending time with your favourite hobby will ease you, like watching birds and plants! All you need to do is identify a way to distract yourself says our Pinnacle martial arts Marrickville.

Focus on what you can control. Getting anxious for something that is not in your control will make you more vulnerable. It is always better to live certain things unknown. When you have confidence that you will be giving the best of your efforts then the result should never matter to you. Working hard and not expecting the result is hard. But sometimes it is better not to worry about the end result. It is because you can never control how your opponent displays his skills. So it is better to concentrate on your Martial Arts skills and techniques says our teachers at Pinnacle martial arts in Marrickville & Chester Hill 


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