6 food tips for better performance in taekwondo by Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts Marrickville

Food Tips for More Energy & Better Sports Performance At Pinnacle Martial Arts in Sydney

You are practicing Taekwondo for months now and you have built a routine. You are yet to work on your diet to make yourself stronger. You have gone following a good diet that promised you better performance and energy.

But, only after a week, you are back to your old self eating all the junk and cursing yourself. If the above is your case or this has been the case with your kid, who has joined Kids Martial Arts Marrickville classes recently.

We Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts In Marrickville thought of giving you a quick insight into how you can improve your energy by simply following these quick tips.

1. Drink more water

IT seems so simple. Yet people often drink so less of water 90% of the time their body will be deprived of water. Less water means fatigue during class. Always aim to drink 2liters of water before 2 pm every day!

2. Moderate Caffeine is good

Anything in moderation is always good. Caffeine is not out of this rule. 400milli grams of the caffeinated drink is said to be best for boosting your energy and help you be active. Make sure you finish all your caffeine intake by 1 pm every day.

3. Include low GI food

Eating without mind will make our blood sugar levels spike and fall in a short amount of time making us feel lazy and not interested. It is always good to have good food with a low Glycemic index. This regulates blood sugar and keeps your energy constant all day long.

4. Check your Iron and Vit D levels.

Deficiency of Iron and D are so common these days it often goes unnoticed. It is always advised to have regular checks done for these two. Include more iron-rich food in your diet and expose yourself to early morning sun to get a good amount of Vit D. Lack of these 2 causes severe fatigue and tiredness.

5. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

Research showed that more than 93% of Australians do not consume the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies. That’s something to think on! Make sure you are consuming 2 fruits and 5 types of veggies in a day. It is said that when fruits consumed within 12 pm provides maximum benefits.

6. Check for Vitamin levels.

All vitamins and minerals are essential to your body. Go through the checkup every 6 months once to know what your body is missing and replenish it by taking the right food and supplements.

We at Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville, give the best of education on both health and Martial Arts Marrickville. With these tips, one can get desired results in their art form whether its Taekwondo or Karate or any other form.

Pinnacle Martial Arts for Character Development, Physical Development and Martial Arts proven Self Defence.

Character Development:
Confidence, Life Skills, Discipline, Self-Control & Focus

Physical Development:
Fitness, Motor Skills, Flexibility, Strength, Agility & Power

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